The President Family in the Oval Office

President Family

The President Family will have a large presence in the Oval Office. There are two books on the subject: Roberts’ Ancestors of American Presidents and William H. Roberts’ Ancestors of American Presidents, 2nd Edition. Both are extremely detailed and worth checking out. Roberts’ Ancestors of American Presidents is also a good resource for a brief history of the presidents. The author also gives biographical details of the presidents.

Roberts’ Ancestors of American Presidents, 2nd Edition

There are many similarities between the first seven presidents of the United States, according to Roberts’ Ancestors of American President, 2nd Edition. These include John Adams, George Washington, McKinley, Harrison, Grant, and Donald Trump. The book’s detailed genealogy reveals many ancestors of these presidents, including several who were not Irish. This makes this work an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in presidential families.

If you are interested in finding your ancestry, Roberts’ Ancestors of American President is a good starting point. The first edition has ancestor tables of each president, and the 2nd edition has even more detail. This edition also includes ancestors of Pocahontas and the modern British royal family. This book also includes European royalty and the royal families of many different countries.

This authoritative reference work by Gary Boyd Roberts is an excellent resource for family historians. It brings together the work of numerous individuals and organizations, especially the New England Historic Genealogical Society, into one book. In addition to the ancestor tables of each president, the 2nd Edition also includes more than 150 charts illustrating kinships between presidents. The book also contains appendices describing connections between Presidents.