The First Family – Ashley Biden and Hunter Biden

President Family

If you’ve ever wanted to see the family tree of one of America’s presidents, you can do so by visiting the Miller Center at the University of Virginia. If you’re a fan of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, or a certain Broadway star, you can also view the president’s family tree online. The Miller Center’s interactive exhibit “Life Before the Presidency” summarizes each president’s life prior to his election as president. In addition to presidential family trees, visitors can find the birthplace of George Washington, which is one of America’s founding fathers.


While many people have questioned the relationship between Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Beau Biden, his father and his brother were all heroes in their own way. However, their son, who served as attorney general of Delaware, was not only a hero, but a hero’s hero. In fact, Beau Biden’s father, Joe Biden, was a lawyer and a former federal prosecutor.

Though his condition had been deteriorating for some time, the news media only uncovered his death a few weeks before the funeral. While he had been a prominent public figure, the Bidens were intensely private. In the aftermath of his father’s death, the family closed ranks and became increasingly aloof. The Bidens were in mourning for a year after President Bill Clinton announced that he would run for governor of Delaware in 2016.

The Bidens’ relationship with the President and his children has been rocky since Joe started drinking heavily. But it appears that his relationship with his children has improved. Despite their past struggles, Joe and Jill are a strong and supportive couple. He has five children, including twins Ashley and Hunter. While they may have lost their first child, they still have five children from his current marriage. The youngest of the Bidens is eight months old.


Originally from Pennsylvania, Ashley is part of the President Family. She has been active in the community and has worked in social justice reform for years. She has served on the board of trustees for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she helps guide the hospital’s mission to provide high-quality care for children while promoting family-centered care. She also campaigns on behalf of animal rights, and has worked in the nonprofit world.

Her family largely avoids the limelight, but that is changing with the help of her charity work. The clothing line Ashley created, Livelihood, will donate 10 percent of its proceeds to Community Development Funds in need. She is married to Dr. Howard Krein, an osteopathic physician, and has a diary that has been the center of a Project Veritas case. The group hoped to use the diary to extort an interview with Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign, but the president denied having read it.

The president-elect’s daughter Michelle Reagan is closely related to her grandparents, and Ashley is actively involved in the Reagan Legacy Foundation, which helps advance causes supported by her grandfather. The foundation is also a memorial to the accomplishments of President Reagan. It is unclear if Ashley has any children yet, but it is possible she will be involved in the President Family in the future. There’s no way to be certain if she will end up in the White House.


The relationship between Naomi and the President Family is nothing new. The first lady was married to former Vice President Joe Biden, and Naomi’s mother, Neilia, died when she was one. After her mother’s death, President Barack Obama decided to name his son after her. Naomi and Hunter are now engaged. In September 2021, they are planning a wedding at the White House. As for the ring, it includes the band of her grandmother’s engagement ring.

Naomi considers Natalie Biden her mini-me. The late president’s daughter grew up with a father who served in the Senate. Naomi has been dating former Penn Law student Peter Neal for a few years. Peter interned at the White House during the Obama Administration and at the presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. It was a fun time for all of them. Naomi has two sons, Beau, who are also members of the Biden family.

The Bidens are very close. Naomi Biden and her brothers are best friends. The Bidens’ three children are close to each other. Naomi’s father, Joe Biden, is also close to their daughter Sasha. Although Naomi is the oldest granddaughter of President Biden, she is also the youngest granddaughter of his brother. Naomi and Sasha Obama were very young when their fathers entered office. Naomi and Michael will meet at the virtual graduation ceremony on May 22.