Joe Biden – Vice President-Elect Joe Biden’s Ambitions


In this piece, I’ll explore Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s ambitions. I’ll also discuss his close relationship with President Obama, His record on climate change, and His plan to eliminate financing for dirty energy. I hope you’ll find this information helpful. Then, I’ll share some of my own views on Biden. After all, I’m a biologist. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Biden’s ambitions as vice president

While he was still in the Senate, Joe Biden had his sights set on higher office. He ran twice for president and won the vice presidency. President Barack Obama selected him as his running mate in 2008, inspired by his foreign policy experience, his ability to work with Congress, and his steadfast commitment to his family. Biden hasn’t strayed from his goals, but many are still worried about his ambitions as vice president.

After graduating from the University of Delaware in 1961, Biden had dreams of attending law school and becoming an influential public figure. While attending college, he volunteered at swimming pools, often serving as the only white lifeguard among African Americans. Later, he worked for historically black colleges. This experience opened his eyes to the stark differences between black and white Americans. Biden is now an advocate for civil rights and has a wife and two children.

His close relationship with Obama

The closest thing to a romantic relationship between a politician and a President is a close relationship, and Biden and Obama have had a longstanding friendship for nearly four years. They are the closest political figures the United States has ever had, and Biden has maintained close ties to Obama throughout their entire relationship. Their closeness, and their common goals, have made them unlikely candidates to challenge Obama in the next election. Biden and Obama, however, are not so close that it has been questioned.

In the last election cycle, Biden had a great deal of influence over Obama’s foreign policy. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he helped push for U.S. action against Serbian forces in Kosovo, ensuring the safety of Kosovars. Biden was also a strong advocate of a partition plan for Iraq to maintain peace. In addition, he was the lead senator in writing a law creating a “drug czar” position, overseeing the United States drug policy.

His record on climate change

While President Obama promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Vice President Biden has been less successful. While he made some promises, many environmentalists question whether he is on track to meet them. In Scotland, he declared the United States as a world leader in tackling climate change, but his record reflects a skewed view of American leadership. Moreover, he has leased millions of acres of Gulf Coast land to oil companies.

While most Democrats would blame Obama for the failure of their environmental policy, Biden has taken the opposite tack. In 1986, he introduced his first bill on climate change. Though it failed in the Senate, it was inserted as an amendment to a State Department funding bill. President Reagan signed Biden’s Global Climate Protection Act into law. The bill called on the president to establish a task force to fight global warming. Even at that early date, Biden spoke in terms similar to those he used today to warn the public about the dangers of global warming.

His plan to eliminate financing for dirty energy

In addition to eliminating funding for dirty energy, Biden plans to ensure that agencies that provide loans to other nations reduce their carbon footprints. His plan would also bar agencies like the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) from financing coal-fired power plants. By doing so, U.S. finance will become the clean alternative to the World Bank’s financing for dirty energy. This is good news for people suffering from air pollution and climate change.

Ultimately, President Biden should end new federal leasing and permitting of fossil fuels. He should also direct the Department of Interior to reject all new applications for natural gas leasing. If this doesn’t work, he should reissue a full coal leasing moratorium. That way, companies will have to abandon dirty energy if it’s not profitable for them. However, the Obama Administration has not followed through on this pledge.